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Reviews for "TLoZ: Prequel of Time"


Well, that was no where near what happened actually what happened was link's father worked in the royal castle of hyrule, the castle was attacked, his father died, link's mother carried him to the forest via horseback and died the Deku tree raised him as a kokiri (no idea how the hell he did, NO HANDS) and link invented the slingshot himself (nobody in the forest knew what a slingshot was, NO WARFARE) then the insect queen entered the deku tree on Ganon's orders then Saria gave Link the ocarina (not of time) and the adventure was off!
P.S. sorry if i pissed you off, it's just that the story line didn't make sense
so i give it a four becausethe animation was pretty good

hahaha guess that shows one the truthXD

poor navi... and does that mean link is a few months old onlyXD

how is that possible?

how could he age in korkiri forest? you dont age there!

Not very good at all

Sorry , but it just wasn't that funny, plus the voiceacting was kind of lame. Still, though it had some pretty good moments. For example, the entire navi thing was hilarious. Plus the "Hope you enjoy the movie" made me laugh for some reason. Oh, yes and the deku leaves ting. Anyway, that is all


One thing i dont get is that Saria goes outside of the forest but kokri cant leave the forest besides that pretty good.