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Reviews for "chinese water torture"


I like it.

roojrotc responds:

thanks ^_^

Awesome, but I'd make the synthesized sounds a bit more... Edgy. A bit violent, if you know what I mean. Also, a bit more emphasis on the beat as the song progresses wouldn't hurt. Perhaps ad a bit of acoustic drums to the beats as well... Just saying.

I actually thought of a video game scene where the player has to resist torture and escape. Nice work.


nice song i like it kinda of repetitive , more should have been added to it kind of plain. there should have been more to your build ups. sound like fruity loopz or mixcraft 4.i like that idea of it kind of a let down for mebut still a 7 =D

roojrotc responds:

water torture is kinda meant to be repetitive but i get your point. and i used fruity loops.

this is kewl.

like the other dudes said it doesnt really change much but hell it keeps its beat goin so its all good. the tune is pretty good and the dripping effect was a kewl start.

roojrotc responds:

thatnks, keep an eye out for the new version in a week or so.