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Reviews for "Orb"

holy shit

this is soo fukin good its now my favorite song ever. the tune and instruments and sound are so good. i love the drums and the synth. i dont know what else to say but ur the king or sum shit of this drum n bass music!!!!


Fuuny. Right after our collab, we both went out and made subs for the v day comp. Melodies are crazy like always. It's something your really good at sir. I hear you playing with those drums a bit. Do you listen to any idm sir? Squarepusher maybe? Fun stuff. Actually... have you ever tried making an idm track? It's fun to experiment and the breaks can always benefit from a little extra experimentation.

I noticed something really unfortunate though... the mix sounds great on my lap top speakers but when I slap on my headphones the quality of the mix downgrades a bit... primarily the drums. They lose their punch. Do you listen to your mix with one set of monitors? Or do you give it a listen on as many speakers as possible? I find that it helps... dunno. It's a minor thing.

Great track though stan. Keep rocking out.

Stan-SB responds:

well i listened to then on a couple of formats and they seemed fine but its all a matter of opinion i gues, as for idm i sort of dip in and out of it i think aphex twin, squarepusher and venetian snares are genii but ive never made a track, maybe its about time...

This is good stuff

U've got talent and awesome beats and bass.


this has left me speechless, all your tunes are amazing. I first heard of you from liquicity and ever since ive been hooked. keep up the good work. :D 10/10 5/5

praise orb