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Reviews for "Orb"


Fuuny. Right after our collab, we both went out and made subs for the v day comp. Melodies are crazy like always. It's something your really good at sir. I hear you playing with those drums a bit. Do you listen to any idm sir? Squarepusher maybe? Fun stuff. Actually... have you ever tried making an idm track? It's fun to experiment and the breaks can always benefit from a little extra experimentation.

I noticed something really unfortunate though... the mix sounds great on my lap top speakers but when I slap on my headphones the quality of the mix downgrades a bit... primarily the drums. They lose their punch. Do you listen to your mix with one set of monitors? Or do you give it a listen on as many speakers as possible? I find that it helps... dunno. It's a minor thing.

Great track though stan. Keep rocking out.

Stan-SB responds:

well i listened to then on a couple of formats and they seemed fine but its all a matter of opinion i gues, as for idm i sort of dip in and out of it i think aphex twin, squarepusher and venetian snares are genii but ive never made a track, maybe its about time...

holy shit

this is soo fukin good its now my favorite song ever. the tune and instruments and sound are so good. i love the drums and the synth. i dont know what else to say but ur the king or sum shit of this drum n bass music!!!!


Nicely done Mr.Trogdar. Hoo boy, where to begin?

Very interesting track, but there are some things that could be touched upon that may make the composition a bit more appealing to the ears.

You've always had a rather overwhelming approach when it came to sound. I remember one of my favorite tracks by you is 'The Tubes'. One hell of a track. There was the perfect degree of dark, light, melody, aggression and blending of sounds from a plethora of frequencies. The way that the bass drowned out certain other sounds only heightened the listener's ecstasy as the song progressed.

This is a good track, albeit a bit of a melting pot when it comes to some of the sounds. I do not know how it happens, to be brutally honest. Be it your mastering, eq'ing, or whatever-the-devil you would call it, there's something which almost meshes the sounds together and binds them. When the bass kicks in it muffles out that which should be a bit more crisp and clear.

Not a terribly big deal, but I've noticed it for a while now. I thought you were just experimenting with it, but now I see that may not be the case.

Another thing about this track is that (and bear with me here, I don't know musical terminology too well) the 'chorus' melody that would kick in and sway in the background is very fast paced but almost unchanging. It's like walking up a set of stairs and running right back down.

This is not to say your music is boring- because it is not. Actually very stimulating and refreshingly upbeat (especially for DnB as a genre). But there is such a thing as overstimulating. That is what I've felt with this track.

Not a bad piece at all though, all in all. I don't mean to discourage you with this critique- not at all. Just hope to share my thoughts with you so that you may grow as an artist.

Kudos, keep pumping out them tracks- with delicate care :)

Stan-SB responds:

i get what you mean with this one it was very melody based instead of my usual chord based-ness the reason it sounds quite full or a bit overwelming or overstimulating is that there are lots and lots of little melodies that intermingle (i think there are at least 14). i was mostly seeing what i could do in that direction of things, and i had fun. Great review by the way

more to come soon

You know the drill...

You make a fucking great tune, i moan, say its great, suggest some improvements and you continue to make quality music. but still i thought i'd be nice and leave a review=]


The melody's in this song are put together very nice, and I love those drums. It's got plenty of changes, which makes it very nice.