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Reviews for "Vitamin Z (Extended)"


Only problem: your messing with the volume needs to stop. It breaks up an otherwise feckin' awesome song. Do a redo and I'll fave that and add it to my playlist...

This Song Is Truly Amazing

This is my all time favorite song, hands down. On my Xbox 360, I listen to it whether playing Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, or Halo 3. I might even listen to it while playing Forza Motorsport 3. The first time I listened to it, I was like, "Meh..." And then downloaded it. Then I listened to it again offline, and for some reason, it became my favorite song ever, instantly.

Good points about the song:
- Its Techno
- Its Long
- Its Vitamin Z



Other awesome song that you have, congrats!

I am dancing and diarhearing

Love your stuff, still though the melody does get a little repeptative, however that shouldn't dissaude you from keeping up the good work. Great job hope to hear more from you!Peace,

I trully love ALL your remixes

This will have to be at the very top of my Newground fav songs.