Reviews for "The Core 2"

Really cool but really hard

This game is really awesome, but also really really hard. It requires quite a bit of practice before you can do anything well.

Great improvement!

Nice graphics. Great game. Man, it starts out hard!

Not, bad, but could be better. . .

That wasn't too bad, but it probably could have been better. You should have tried to put both of the movies in one. They both were pretty short. Some people would have called this stupid, but I didn't think it was too too bad. The music was stupid, take that out. You should revise the movies so that 1. they are altogether one movie, and 2. take out that damn music.

NeverStrikesTwice responds:

I think your in the wrong place man

Nice idea

Now I like to rate games fairly, and I think I did with yours, so my question is, was it good? And it was awsome. Very nice idea and style. The music I could have done with out (sounded like Infected Mushroom) but it did go well with the gameplay. Some of the modes are pretty much the same, I liked harcore, very awsome.

SO! Good job and goodwork, NeverStrikesTwice.


Great Game

Great game, almost the best one that I've played yet (Alien Hominid, Alloy and this are so far the best games I've played)

Although it would've been nice if you could've changed the movement just a bit so that you could stop sooner.

Other than that, awesome game!