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Reviews for "That Halo Parody 7"

((( COOL )))

Hey that was awsome, i have not seen your work in awhile, but im glad you are still making stuff, and glad to see it get so good, awsome work lots of talent, and congrats on the award...


TheComet responds:

thx wayne, havn't heard from you in awhile! I'll get moving on episode 8 soon.

Listening to it soundless

A lot of the time I have to listen to these things without speakers since I access them at University, so I can't really rate the sound. The animation of Masterchief was top notch.

Subtitles never go amiss. This was a good submission otherwise.
And yeah. This is coming from the guy who did the Flood parody in TSAH.

TheComet responds:

that's a good idea, I'll do that in the next episode. Sucks you don't have sound, really ruins all of the hilarious screaming the chief does with that grenade stuck to him :/

pretty good

I kind of liked it. Pretty funny

very good

this has some nice art and that would suck having a plasma grenade stuck to your head and then ripping it off and being stuck to your hand but keep up the good work

TheComet responds:

Yeah it would suck :P
I originally had planned on the chief doing all of that with the grenade stuck to him and then getting stuck to the screen after the banshee exploded and then a warthog drives into him and he gets stuck to the back of it and gets dragged all over with blood spraying everywhere :P I didn't do it though because I'd end up making a hospital scene which ruins the society for the stuck O.o

not bad not bad

that was pretty good and stuff and i liked it but the ending wasnt all that great. um yea if anyone posts any links in here dont listen to them because they are just links for some games to make themselves stronger in these stupid games like outwar and darkwars and all that but yea man pretty good video just needed a better ending

TheComet responds:

Yeah I get sick of those people who just post links....I have 76 submission's worth of experience with that >:/

neways, thx for the review