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Reviews for "That Halo Parody 7"


THat was funny and i liked it make more. By the way just to add a side not. Im pissed about Halo 2. Shit storyiline not much graphic improovement and over Halo 1 was better. just thought i put that out there

TheComet responds:

I say H2 is better, the addition of XBL was great enough, even though the plot does suck a bit, all the new weapons and graphic improvements rocked.
And it's more tactical in my case ;)

Awsome vary funney

Nice Plz make anouther :)

Good job ,Not great but good

it was okay but too short. You should also do a better job at the grunts i didn't even know they were grunts after the 3rd time i watched it

TheComet responds:

I just want to clear this up with the audience before the flaming ninjas start bad mouthing me for it (you're not a flaming ninja, no worries lol), the characters I cameod are drawn identical to the way they are drawn in their comics, just with some improvements (like shadowing and the likes)

Awsome work!

Keep these not realy funny halo moives up.That was not really funny.


nice stuff man