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Reviews for "That Halo Parody 7"


the beginning was really funny when he was running around screamin. but the therapy part was pretty boring, except for the piss in the lake part. other than the ending the flash was well done

The &$#@ is this shit

Lol a Halo parody, that sucks, it made me crack a smile though thats why i gave it a 3 for humor, but i feel like thats to much for it, anyway nice try but you failed in making an interesting halo flash, or whatever the fuck you were trying to do, you just failed ok.... ok

TheComet responds:

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speaks for itself. besides, if this sucked explain to me how it got daily 5th? Explain how mrsmiley plugged this one on www.halobabies.net because of it's goodness? yeah. If you don't like the series, don't watch it instead of bitching about each episode.


Sorry, but your other ones sort of sucked. But this one was good, and to the last reviewer "But why didn't the 'Nade ever blow up? O_o" I think it didn't blow up because the title is "FAULTY plasma grenades", as in ones that DO NOT work. The caps aren't for anger, just to emphasise, empasize (whatever) words.

Wow, what was wrong with the last reviewer?

Pretty good Flash. I hate when Plasmas stick to ya like that. But why didn't the 'Nade ever blow up? O_o


hehehe that was good. nice job man. nice job