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Reviews for "That Halo Parody 7"

HAHAHAH!!!!! ooooooh im dyyyyyyying!

that wuz hella funny! I like the sound wen the master Chief screamed! But i hat 2 givit 2 ya . . . . this clip needs sum werk.

Nice stuff... and some bad stuff....

I noticed in the beginning that you used a track from Furi Kuri. I love that music. You get a higher sound rating for your nice choice of music. Nice, clean drawings as well... terrible animation, though.


this sucked powerful sucked it wuz a little funny but not great


so he got a granade stuck to him...laddy-frinkin-da.
it was funny at first then it just sucked

whats all the hype about?

I was expecting something better...really! I mean it hasn't got anything on Red VS Blue despite the fact red vs blue is a seried of movies using the Halo game. I mean wtf happened you just threw god knows what characters into the second scene and completely ruined. Funnily enough the best joke was probably how his mission was to piss in the lake.
Grade F-- this needs work!