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Reviews for "That Halo Parody 7"


just one thing? is it just me or are the grenades flameing pokeballs?

TheComet responds:

yeah I noticed that too


when you click play and the plasma grenade is there, it says episode 6 instead of 7

TheComet responds:

Yup, my bad.

this is the awesomest movie ever...

and forget that nad-eating fucktard that reviewed before me, listen: he's thirteen!

the thumb: way up


To theguy who reviewed right before me:

Dude, the title is the dangers of FAULTY plasma grenades. Plus, its just a parody.

TheComet responds:

Heh, I can save time by having people like you handle the "THIS IS INNACURATE TO THE GAME!" people for me :D
I kinda get a kick out of listening to these people, makes me wonder if all they do is play halo 2.


well lets see the problems

1. a plasma grenade has a 3 second fuse and never blew up

2. the banshee's cockpit was open its not supposed to be open

3. sence when do the Covenant not kill humans when they see them

dude rethink about what u did and put some more HALO FACTS in there

TheComet responds:

1.Faulty grenade
2.Master Chief jumped out, remember?
3.Grenades usually explode, I don't think the grunt knew it was faulty