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Reviews for "That Halo Parody 7"

Nice work

Good work good submission. anyone whos played halo at least 11 times can relate and all halo fans will enjoy this one xD

It was ok...

Not bad...it was a little hard to figure out what they were all saying...

i think weve all had 1 stuk on our face

that little grunt guy was soooooo cute, but erm, yeah ahem funny!

TheComet responds:

Here's the sad part, on Halo 1, this can happen with the grenades!


I loved the stick guy.

TheComet responds:

That's one of the marines from the "That 2 Marines" comic on haobabies. That and Grunts Never Die were 2 popular comic strips for awhile, not that big anymore though...:/


im reviewing this for your whole "that halo parody" series and i hafta say, its great. there was alot of improvement throughout the series and it all came out in this one. nice work!

TheComet responds:

I can't wait to get my internet problems on my pc fixed, I'm starting a new season (actually the first "official" season) with better jokes and a hell of alot more organized (don't worry, my random insomnia induced antics will still be around!). it's poking fun at some of those skull you find on legendary in Halo2..."Well then pick one up if you think you're so tough!" *chief picks up skull* *self-mutilation flashes on screen*

And to anyone else who's getting impatiant, I also have a game in the works called the TX4 Project, I've got alot in it as it is, randomized enemies, disarming, dual wielding, and you can even fire dual wielded weapon in 2 directions at once (crazy)
and one last thing, I have about 7 new songs I have to submit, and now I'm finally achieving that pro sound (except the most pro sounding song is 6 megs......uhm...:P)
anyways, thx for the review, I'm going to keep this series going 'till thy kingdom come (or copywrite infringment)