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Reviews for "That Halo Parody 7"


That would suck


Loved it. Hilarious. Keep up the great work.

TheComet responds:

thx, positive reviews keep me motivated :)

Stop with the bad Halo flashes

It goes for this, it goes for TSAH. Cheesy flashes with Master chief completely out of character are not funny. Master Cheif is a calm, collected, smart, strategical badass. Not a whiney little loser like all these flashes keep portraying him as. It's not satire. It's retarded.

But it sounded nice. Keep the good audio quality.

TheComet responds:

Ok, this qualifies as one of the most retarded reviews I've ever read. I'm a big Halo fan and I know how the chief is always tactical and all, but seriously, a PARODY (note caps) is supposed to PARODIZE (more caps) as in make it FUNNY (more caps; links into PARODY). to make something FUNNY, you have to mess with the characters and such. Along with that, TSAH was a great flash co-op, it's not my fault you're probably some n00b attempting to stand out in the crowd. If you want to be known, be famous, not infamous. Btw, what would YOU do if you had a highly explosive object stuck to your face? I sure as hell wouldn't just stand there like an idiot drooling in curiosity.
let's see, step 2 of my furious user bashing:
Exp. Points: 50 / 100 <-----WTF
Sign-up Date: 8/19/04 <----OMFG, 1 day before my birthday...and you're still lvl 2....
Reviews written by Twigz221:
26 reviews available <----OMFG
Flash by Twigz221:
- none - <----OMFG.
Music by Twigz221:
- none -

I know this all sounds severe, but honest to god, learn flash and/or submit some content so you can at least say you know how to make flashes, or at least know how long it took the creator to make this and how much effort was put into it. besides, this didn't score 3.65 for nothing, this took me 3 weeks to make. Now, you're no badass, not smart, and definately not collected, you are no chief, you are a quote, "whiney little loser".
-end of bashing.

Pointless and tasteless.

The humor level in the flash is equivalent of what a 4th grader might laugh at; assuming a fourth grader didn't make this flash *cough*, and that the purpose of this flash was solely for humor it does not have any purpose. Anything that does not serve it's purpose must be terminated.

In other words: Your humor sucks, the whole point was humor, so if the humor sucks and that's the whole point, then the flash sucks.


TheComet responds:

first off, I'm a freshman in high school.
second off, I know people have different tastes and tolerances for humor, I respect that but I will get pissed when people bash me for my humor.
third off, this site isn't just for humor, it's also for quality, and this is no exception, 3 weeks of work shows quality, and I doubt you could do any better.
time to repeat the above review response's torment:

Exp. Points: 240 / 250 <---equal to voting on 5 entries about 19 times, ooh and aaah.
Sign-up Date: 7/11/04
Reviews written by xTheDarkLegacyx:
19 reviews available <---OMFG, and you've been on the site for over 4 months

Flash by xTheDarkLegacyx:
- none - <---OMFG
Music by xTheDarkLegacyx:
- none -

Make something of redeeming qualities and I might say otherwise, you havn't made any kind of contribution to NG from what I can see.

hahaha funny but could be better

dude u need to do better but i still liked it u need to put more time in the graphics ok than i will watch more oiy

TheComet responds:

The chief was drawn by my pal dominic, took him 7 hrs, I won't bash you or anything, this wasn't exactly a negative review but a comment.
aside from the chief, the graphics seem simple for the characters (besides the chief) because that's how they're are drawn in the comics they are cameo'd from (except I improved on them alot).
I'll continue to make these,reviews with suggestions and not bashings always motivate me to make more.