Reviews for "Invisible Friend"


i didnt get some of the jokes, the sound was a bit warped(but my computer sucks), overall i have to say it was a so-so movie. the violence was worthy of its mark, totally.


To Freemont;

I think that this was un ok submission but it lacked plot i think.
first of all i would like to say that the first submission i wach from u i did not like because my compy was fucked then u insolted me bad ass and for that i dislike u. many of ur submissons were ok but i never reviewed them because u insolted me.But now this has gone far enuf. i will never review 1 of ur submissons badly.

y did that guy not have eyes?

It was pretty darn good.

I liked this one. I thought some of the others are better though..


I wish MY invisible friend could do that, but all he does is jack himself off all day. Oh well, that's life for you!

Oh man, that was great

I loved the play/replay button. Nice touch at the end with the invisible friend walking over the dead corpses and the blood footprints.