Reviews for "Sex Kitten Sim-Date 6"

tat was awesome

that was truely great but i think tht last guy went a bit ott lol:)

Klacid responds:

Thanks for the review!


i love this game good job man


still gettting better and better along the way. this was hilarious it was so random with hey what the hell are u doing here and then u give a shitty stupid answer and its still right lol. then shes so welcoming that she gives u porn!!! this was great man keep up the good work

The best in the entire collection

This is the absolute best one, the pics rule, the questions are good, the comments before the pics are real funny, and the song in the background kicks ass!
You've done a terrific job, once again. I severly hope that your not giving up on this series cause it says "end of series 1, series 2 currently in construction".
I really hope you do make a series two cause this is just TO GOOD to give up.

Oh yes, small message to D4RK_GOD:
Ok, I might understand that a bunch of teenagers that have not yet seen any boobs in real life would be looking at this but do you really think that that's why they got to be on the frontpage?
Or why they won daily 3:rd place?
No, they won these awards because the whole idea and concept of these games are so incredably FUNNY!
Look behind the most obvious answer and you will find the true one.

love the game !

like the game prob the best 1 yet,keep the work up.

hope to see another . =]