Reviews for "PICONJO's Massacre 2: DX"

you know...

its sad, it really is, you have no life watsoever, you and your dickheaded friends, i hope u die early u bitch

pretty nice

It looked good but to be honest nothing really happened. Add a plot and make the stick more animated and then it'd be good. I did like the use of backgrounds the way you did it and thought the part where he's running wasn't too bad looking but could use a little work also.


/*I'll just save evry one some time so instead of writing reviews, nd have built a program that will actually vote for you ;) Have fun*/

public static void review (boolean pigs fly){
String prompt;
if (!pigs fly)
prompt = "FORSHAME";
prompt = "OMFG That waz teh best vote 5 I lovez you!!!!!!!!111";
while (true)
}//prompt likely review

public static void main (String [] args) {
boolean done = false;
while (!done) {
try {
BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader
(new inputStreamReader (System.in), 1);
try {
int choose = Integer.parseInt(in.readLine());
done = true;
catch (NumberFormatException e) {
System.out.print("Not a number, fucktard");
done = false;
catch (IOException e) {
System.out.print("OMfG your computer sucks ass");
}//get vote

switch (choose) {
case : 1 System.out.print("Why the fuck? Oh well at least it's ");
case : 0 System.out.println("BLAMMED!");
case : 5 System.out.println("You are an Experience whore");
case : 2
case : 3
case : 4 System.out.println("ofmg...")
default : System.out.print(You can't vote "+ choose +", Fuckhead);
}//vote system

System.out.println("You need to work more; Just because you have" +" many submissions and a bunch of nerd friends who vote 5 on "
+ "your shit, doesn't make it right to submit garbage. ");//my review

} //<3 Manatee

No seriously, wtf. I was disgusted to see that dailytoon's SE version had 2.00 after 30 some votes and I voted 0. Why do you people submit crap to the portal? and further more, why do you XP whores vote 5? HONESTLY!!! Anywho, I'm off for my quest. Cya <3

ROFFLES Toady killing

Teh toadies must be eliminimumated!1!!!1!!! But Piconjo <3's teh toadies and will save them omg.