Reviews for "L and Raito's night"

...my god!

At first i was all like 'OH HELL YEAH FINALLY A LEMON ANIMATION!!!' and i was drinking mountain dew and chewing some 5 gum when the...milkshake...thing happened and i literly choked on both laughing my ass off while my bf went to the bathroom to throw up!XDDD



Art thieves?

Wow, at first I thought this was going to show a gay sex scene with L and Raito. I think that what I actually saw turned out to be worse than that. What matters is that these characters were definitley preparing to have sex. I was in no way expecting what I saw. I mean that old guy doesn't even look fat from the angle he was originally from. I think that might be a transexual because the breasts look so much like female ones especially with the milk coming out.

I probably didn't rate this as high as other people because it was fairly disturbing. Still, you can really never go wrong by having that song. I am glad the guy watching it was as disgusted as I was. At least the animation and everything else was done well. I could not help but think you downloaded the audio from a real porn movie.


lemon party lactatinc interseacies RAPE OF THE BRAIN!!!!!!
and rape of L



but now there's vomit all over my keyboard! ONLY 6!