Reviews for "L and Raito's night"

Oh fu--

I show this to my boyfriend xD
I told him it was hentai...

and somehow he still like it. 0_o
Am I need to scare?


...There are no words to describe the horrible nightmares and gut busting that I have and will have to endure....

Somewhat old video; but funny as hell nonetheless

I know it's been a few good years since you posted this, but this is one of the funniest things I've seen... ever (and no, I haven't escaped from the Watari/Soichiro whoring... so I know what I'm on about ;D ). Watched it many a time, and it always makes me unabashedly laugh.

I dunno if any one has mentioned this before... but I secretly LOVE that you put the video date as the 5th of November 2004... means that certain people don't die eh ;)

Anyway, even though I know that you've probably outgrown this franchise somewhat; kudos on the animation, which is amazing as always :)


XD...I_laughed_so_freaking_hard_at_th is!__I_showed_my_best_friend_it_and_n ow_he_cries_everytime_he_hears_the_mi lkshake_song_it's_hilarious!__Totally _unexpected!

wtf since when has L had eyebrows

ok im scared for life now but seriously when has L had eyebrows