Reviews for "L and Raito's night"

Oh god..

My computer froze right on that horrible part and my dad walked by..


This was like, awsome! I mean, no old dude boobs aint my fetish, and im no saying i....'enjoyed' watching this. it was just an awsome..dis...tubrin -shivers- flash. I already added you on dA about 4 months ago XDDD so i could only expect the best.. uuugh i cant stop watching thisssssss OOOOOOOOOO__________OOOOOOOOOO

is this weird that

I like this video xDDD i cant help but to crack up and wanna watch the vid again xDD


im going to go kick a baby now...............

oh god..

I...I just...vomited blood...oh god...no more..no more...WHY IS THERE A REPLAY BUTTON!?!?! X_X