Reviews for "- Aftermath -"


this guy below me Told ever piece in the top 5 Worst stuff ever and as us copy then claims he helps artists to Improve there work

i think he a guy boring on sucide (there are bets going around)

Nice Piece keep it up tough kinda SLLLOOOWWWWWWW(maybe that's just me)

SinJim responds:

Yea I noticed that about that guy. It's probably someone's alt, who knows...

Anyways, yes it is slow. It is meant to be to give the feeling of a baren wasteland in the aftermath of something big. Also, because it's meant for a DVD menu, it's not supposed to immediately grab your attention. That's also why it's short hah.

Thanks for your comments, I'm glad you enjoyed this one. I'll be coming up with some more upbeat things soon.


Im marrying this song.

I've listened to a lot of songs since I just registered, but so far this is the top I've heard. Man. What melody, what tune, what sound...its so nice. it makes me think of some sad moment in life or a movie. I hope its not big deal, I'll use this song as a background music to my website.

Your `When the Smokes Clears` is another one of my favorite. God bless you. Lol. Keep up the great work :)

SinJim responds:

Thanks for the comments!

I'm really glad you liked these pieces I'm coming out with. The feeling I was going for is obviously portrayed so that you could get the meaning. Hit me up with a link to your website so I can check out your stuff.

Just remember to credit me, thought :D!

Thanks again, I'm glad you enjoyed this!


After Math - World War 3 -

im ussing this for the intro and part of the game for my rpg survival game like newgrounds sim
the game is bassed after world war 3 in 2013 :)

SinJim responds:

Thanks for the review! Just remember to credit me and whatnot. Also, send me a link to your game, when it's up, so I can check it out!



man this would be perfect for a DVD menu....Ummm keep it up i guess actually this might make a good loop now that i think bout it

SinJim responds:



Go to Rainy mood.com

Go to Rainy mood.com and listen to this. Nice btw.