Reviews for "- Aftermath -"

I like this song..

Its like the aftermath of a nuclear explosion... 10/10, 5/5

Go to Rainy mood.com

Go to Rainy mood.com and listen to this. Nice btw.


I must say that i've been trying to work out a very serious flash envolving terrorists of some sorts, and a nuclear explosion happening in here in the US. I've been looking for music to put in it while I work out the story line, with your permission of coarse, I would love to use this in that flash which I'll start working on very soon


If you dont mind i used this in a Hitler project for school. This song matches so well with the pictures of the rise of the Nazis, and the deaths of the concentration camps and crying victims of his wrath. It leaves such a feeling of anguish and sorrow, but mostly a deep deathly hopelessness.


It's good. I like the overall use of sound, the strings seemed a bit too rough to me, they work either way. It would make for a good intro to a dramatic variation of a film theme.