Reviews for "Thanksgiving Turks!"

A Great Holiday Treat

I enjoyed this short alot. You have a great style and a good sense of Flash animation. I'm curious to see what else you've made so my other reviews might be more indepth. I saw no major flaws.

TOXIC-BOMB responds:

Ive made lots of other flash animations. Search author "TOXICBOMB" :D

nice short

your other movie was far superior but this was a great short... keep rollin with the comedy tho, lol, nice analogy to austin powers... yah baby, thats not mine baby.. haha... ne way make more XD

erik rulez!

Nice short

Very amusing. Do more stuff like in Simple Life 7 tho :p That trippy stuff kicks ass.

Very Clever.

This was very clever and funny. I really like it. Wasnt too short or too long. I like the background music of Luda's "Number One Spot", and the way the animation was set to the music. Good job!


Hahah that was a good laugh, yes.