Reviews for "Thanksgiving Turks!"

I enjoyed it!

that was very ammusing. i like your stuff, i wanna see more :)


=D the 'click here song', =D do you want to post it on newgrounds completly? i love it (i mean the start =D)

lol, funny plot but a little short

keep up the sweet work.


There you are

Havent seen somthing from you in a while, was wondering were y favorit artisit went too, and as always you still never stop to amaze me with how smooth your animations are, i also notice your doing more animations then claymations, are u giving clay a break or are u just sick of it? great movie keep it up... Zephon the Angel of Death

Nice short

Very amusing. Do more stuff like in Simple Life 7 tho :p That trippy stuff kicks ass.