Reviews for "Vince Trigger 2"


I liked it, but I won't take sides in this fight. This movie was nice and easy to understand, however the text kinda hung in one place for a while. First one was better IMO. Can't wait until you add the voices to this one!

And to all you motherfuckers who say "asian nerds": I myself am half asian. I hope you all die and burn in hell. You're all just a bunch of commies who probably can't Flash for shit, anyway.

So uhhh... good movie, keep it up, I hope to see another movie from you!

Vinstigator responds:

Voices have just been added, check it out :)

And the people who say "asian nerds" or whatever, are racist pieces of shits who've probably never even gotten laid.

that was funny

it was pretty funny. the story was very original the only thing I found to be weird was Vince and HAcoreRD seeem to have the same voice....other than that it was funny

Vinstigator responds:


Nice one.

A little slow on a few parts, but all in all, it's as good as the first.

And shin2k27 and moogleslayer get pw3ed, again.

Vinstigator responds:

Yup, the 2 biggest n00bs on Newgrounds get pwn3d once again!

Noes!! Not teh Shinz0r!! :P

Hey Vince, long time no see.

Nice to see you're still making movies...but where's 15. >.<

Vinstigator responds:

Holy shit I haven't seen ya in a long time! What happened to your AIM name?! You never sign on. But then again, I don't sign on as much nowadays. And part 15...well still waiting on Dash. He sent me an e-mail yesterday saying he's been thinking about part 15 weekly but he's been so damn busy that he rarely has time to play video games let alone watch TV! Here's the e-mail...

"I'm sure sooner or later I'll have time to do it. Next
term I'm suppose to only have two classes! Which *should*
leave me with free time for a change! However when I
actually get to it is definately an uncertainty. If you
feel a need to get something published you can go ahead
and work on your own version, and if I get a copy done in
time, then great you can use it, but if you want to
publish and have something done before I do, then I'll
luck out and miss getting to contribute. I always take on
more than I can keep up with :P Its too bad hobbies
always take the back burner.

Man I tell you, times sure change after highschool. Its

So until then, we gotta wait. But don't worry, It'll be worth it ;)

It was okay...

Was a sprite so bad review on my part, just seemed goofy(the only way sprites really are is in comedic ways, so meh.). To person below me,
its nadia yes. but i think everyone knows its pronounced mar-lay cause its a japanese game(duh).

Vinstigator responds:

Nice... review?