Reviews for "Vince Trigger 2"

I got special thanks!

Go me!

...Also Shin is gay, what kind of idiot spams a forum saying "unban me!"? Earth to Shin, that's not how you get unbanned!

Vinstigator responds:

Yeah Shin is a fuckin' idiot and deserves anything bad that comes his way. I also liked how he spammed our forums when he was banned from VG Reality. I kept locking his topics and deleting his posts lol. He's a persistant little bastard haha.

Thanks for the review, Darren! Score one for VGR!

Mad as. I love Crono Trigger.

Could you teach me how to make flash movies similar to yours. Im tryin 2 make my own Chrono Trigger flash movies and i got no clue how 2 start. fukin awsome movies. if u want 2 email me ur answer/and instructions 2 me u can get me @

me names Garry but most ppl no me as Swifty. Vince i really need ur help on how 2 make flash movies. if not possible how 2 make them with audio.

if u could thanks and ill drop u an email. im beggin u 2 teach me.
call me a noob all u want but im desperate i cant find help anywhere on tha net. ive looked everywhere. newayz make more vince trigger stuff or stuff using chrono trigger. u rule. i really think u rule. newayz drop us an email

swifty69r (newgrounds name)

Vinstigator responds:

Sorry. Like my good friend Tootbook, I stopped helping people a long time ago. But thanks for the feedback.

pretty good, but the first was much funnier.

This was very funny and the music was better than the last. But, it could have been funnier. I hope the next one is longer. :)

Vinstigator responds:

Go watch my Star Wars movie, it's longer and funnier :D

Different touches

you got good storylines and funny stuff, but shin2k27 got a little better graphics, but i think your still a little better.

Vinstigator responds:

I admit he has better graphics but his storylines blow. I on the other hand don't have awesome graphics but my storylines own. And let's not forget that Story is one of the most important aspects in flash. For example Final Fantasy VI for SNES may have old-school graphics but it's 100 times better than Final Fantasy XII, which has awesome graphics.


Funny, this was the 2nd in the series but this is the third one i commented on (apparently i must have forgotten). One hero, two losers (especially moogle. that guy's grammar is still beyond belief, though i would have prefered him to remain as a moogle instead of magus. Magus is my favorite chrono trigger character (i pretty much like dark magic. It owns). Still, even if he had to be magus i knew he was still that little moogle on the inside :P

Vinstigator responds:

I didn't animate that scene, my good friend HAcoreRD did. That's why Magus was there instead of a moogle. I guess he thought Magus suited Moogleslayer better because it was his favorite character.

"Still, even if he had to be magus i knew he was still that little moogle on the inside :P"

Haha that comment actually made ma laugh out loud XD