Reviews for "Vince Trigger 2"


this is brilliant i love how uv added a touch of the actual into it, as if newgrounds is a world, lol funny stuf i like it, also funny how u personify the battle between animators as a senjin battle, pover all quite funny

Vinstigator responds:

Thanks, glad you found it funny!

awesome dude

nice movies good graphics and u got the theme off when tidus and the team fight his father(transformed) i gotta say nice and ur with star syndicate u r awesome i hope u make another cya

Vinstigator responds:

Thanks, I appreciate the positive feedback!

Pretty good.

Your from the Star Syndicate? Sorry to say, but I thought all of them were morons. I guess I stand corrected. Anyways, nice work. Good luck on your next project... Though, if you happen to reply to this, I just want to know. How many people in the Star Syndicate are actual members? Because I herd there were some people who just say they are to give you a bad name.

Vinstigator responds:

I used to be with the SS, but now I'm not part of any groups. I'm just concentrating on my music now instead of dealing with BBS drama.

Today I have been inspired....

To drop my profession of demon slaying and become a paper-raper slayer!!....Heh yea it was that good......my new favorite!

Vinstigator responds:

Awesome, we need more paper-raper slayers around these parts :D

It was okay...

Was a sprite so bad review on my part, just seemed goofy(the only way sprites really are is in comedic ways, so meh.). To person below me,
its nadia yes. but i think everyone knows its pronounced mar-lay cause its a japanese game(duh).

Vinstigator responds:

Nice... review?