Reviews for "AntiClockClock Engagement"

aww... how sweet....

proposed while watching elf, huh? congrats. hope everything turns out good in the future.

Aww... :')

That was sweet, good luck for the future.



(She's hot!)


"Let us watch the movie 'Elf!"

Congrats for the 4th time ACC, getting engaged is a big step, and it was nice to see you animate it to show all of us! It is a great idea for a movie, an incredible special moment in your life, spiced up a bit with more Clock-orientated humor, or did you actually talk like that? Either way, it was quirky and fun. The backgrounds pictures were all crisp and of great quality, and they contrasted with your characters and other animated goodness. Nice simpistic voices, funny dialouge, and all for a great reason. Good luck, keep up the good work!



Good luck, man. I hope you keep doing well in the future. I wish you the best of luck :D