Reviews for "AntiClockClock Engagement"


I'm sorry I don't have time for a proper review today, so I'll simply sum up.
The graphics were about average and employed a common style (animated characters super-imposed over real backgrounds (I wonder if that's AntiClockClock's actual home?)). And as for sound, the clockspeak was clear (though I wish the two characters had had different voices...small point). And the background music was appropriate
This wasn't really a clock movie in the sense that it lacked any blatent humor or ridiculous surroundings. But hey, that's not always a good thing with these types of movies. This flash seemed a little dull at times, but touching on the whole (such is life). And between you and me, if AntiClockClock really interacts with his significant other like this on a regular basis, then I see a long a fruitful marriage in their future.

Overall, 6/10

My best wishes and blessings go out to you AntiClockClock and your wife to be. May you be gifted by boundless love and many future NewGroundites to call your own (lol).

Take care!



Nothign totally amazing but it was cute.. Congradulations and good luck in your future with whomever you proposed to

I loved it!

The animation was smooth, the music was good, and it was sweet! Good work!


Goodluck and congratulations!

Very good!

This was really good - good luck to you both!