Reviews for "AntiClockClock Engagement"

I know hoy you feel

This was a really good flash video. I too recently got engaged to my girl.. so i know how it feels. congratz and may your love last as long as time itself


Good idea making a video of your proposel... The bonzai buddy voices make it sound pretty stupid though, it could have been more emotional, and just better if you used actual voice talent, but i can see how hard it is to get voices these days... You could have used your own voice, and your fiance's though. Oh well, as a girl i can see her not wanting to make a "stupid flash" >.<.


wow...that was another excellent flash from legendary frog....quality graphics, and an interesting story line.

AntiClockClock responds:

WTF? Legendary Frog... either you meant to review one of his crap movies or you meant to write "AntiClockClock".

Awwwwww :)

Congradulations man! I wish you many happy years. Good flash btw :)

aw haha

well im glad for ya...good luck!