Reviews for "One Ring to Rule ThemAll3"

Canned like Cambell's

Witty and well drawn as always, but why does the dialog for Sauron sound like the the voice actor didn't give a shit? This one little niggle manages to crap all over the rest of the production, sadly. A few of the other areas seem rushed, too, particularly the stuff at the end, but those quibbles are minor.

Good work. A for planning, C for effort.


omg i ave bin waitin for this for ages now i am disapointed of the outcome because i thought that was to short it shuda bin a better endin then dat


Thats one of the most hilarious things i have ever seen.

I really love all your work and i hope you will continue with making lots of parodies.

it lived up to it hype

it kicked ass and it was funny has hell


OMG!!! this movie rocks! i've been waiting for this movie a long time! i have a little question for u: when will the next Kerrigan move be redy?
anyway, kepp up the good work!