Reviews for "Pissed off Hitler"

teamwork :D:D

you 2 did a great job :D both! I rly like the face that hes making :D and tell ur friend that he also did a rly good job :D but then again: u both did xD

TheFishyOne responds:

AT LAST!! Someone that read the whole description and says 'good work' to the person I collaborated with, too! *hats down*

Funnier then Shit

For once, Hitler puts a smile on your face with his dumb-ass face.

TheFishyOne responds:

His bad temper made him have a funny dumb face. Lmao

"Nazi Who?"

Nazi Was an Asshole!!!!!XD

TheFishyOne responds:

*highfives* x]

Fucking Funny!!!!!!

The Most Funnist Thing Thats Makes Fun Of Hitler!!

TheFishyOne responds:

Haha, thank you very much!! =D
But most of the thanks goes to my friend who colored it. =)


He must have done that after he lost D-Day Defender, nice one.