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Reviews for "Day12 - Fake reality"


I thought my phone was ringing when the piano came in. But nope, Just stoned.

hopeku responds:

Damn, what's your phone?

haha ;)

Love it.

It's kinda surreal and really cool. Like mint. *bites this song* Mmmm.. minty loop. Oooh, you should make a candy bar named Fake Reality.

"Mmm.. minty, out-of-this-world goodness, like drugs, but better!"


hopeku responds:

hahaha nice

Thanks mate!


When I listened to this, it calmed me right down from being all hyperish. very nice song, hope to hear more from you. And good luck with the rest of your '30 in 30.'

hopeku responds:

Glad the song made it's ''calming effect'' haha!

Thanks buddy!

Like it!

For not having much time its awsome. Luck!

hopeku responds:

Eh. I'm having less trouble than the first day tought.

Thanks ;)


Extremely well done. I felt a little more at peace when I heard this the first time through. That's saying something, since today was extremely stressful at work.

So, all in all, another amazing loop. Great work.

hopeku responds:

haha cool

thanks man!