Reviews for "The Civil War - Hotc"

nice for class project but this is newgrounds

too slow, I was done reading long before the bubble moved on to the next bit of info. might want to add that guns were kept from the Mexican War, thus why all the 6 shooter in Texas and not VA,

Rammer responds:

i know its slow, but a lot of people read quite slow. i read really fast so its realyl slow to me too. i was doing a project on the civil war, and i didnt find anything about the mexican war in those 4 (or so) sources.

and yes, i know this is newgrounds. it says that in a lot of areas, so i think id know that.


Not bad. Quite educational.

Rammer responds:

no kidding.

((( CUTE )))

Simple and cute, the backrounds and main character was cool but abit simple, the idea was right on but all just abit simple, could add some detail into the character and backround, for a better effect, cute though...


Rammer responds:

cute to the third power. when i add a lot of detail, it looks stupid, so i try to make it look simple but nice (:

I thought Newgrounds supposed to fry our brains!

oh well it had humor in it so ill give it a 3 out of 5.

~nice graphics!!! =D

Rammer responds:

bwahaha, im glad to see that my assualt of subliminal messages has remained as such...subliminal.

but you didnt hear it from me o_O

you said it yourself it was boring...

That's 4 long minutes...i'm really patient in life(so you don't have any excuse!) but man we are not in school are we! Add some buttons to skip the text when we finish reading (i can give you the code if you want).
You tried to make it funny, but only one time(i didn't go until the end sorry) and i think in a educational thing it has to be more funny(first if you want to keep pple interested by your animation, to make them remember every time if you asked them about what they saw).
So maybe you could try to put more funny stuff (no too much) and maybe some action?(well you are better placed to know that school is boring, and there is always old stuff and....)

good luck!!

ps : I think if you use code your animation will be less than its current size...^_^

Rammer responds:

i see youre competent enough to realize that we arent in school. that surprises me about hte newgrounds community, because of all these retards. i can code myself, ive done a lot more flash than you, i bet. you have no flash on newgrounds, maybe none of your stuff is decent enough? theres nothing like a "critic" that doesnt read my authors comments or other reviews, or has any flash, is there? anyway, my class seemed plenty interested, and thats all that really matters. if you read the authors comments, or the other reviews, you would know that i didnt have enough time to do anything more.

dont act stupid, i really couldnt have had any major action, not with my cranky old hag of a teacher and my 2-day work time. stop trying to be intelligent, you have to watch the whole movie before you can critisize it, durr. try making flash before you critisize it.

(ps, i think the file size was low enough. for minutes, gradients, frame-by-frame, music, sounds, and a helluva lot of tweens. i think its surprising the file size is this low, but yeah i agree. the only thing i couldve done really as load the music through code.)

(pss, if it was funny in one part, how come i have a 0 in humor?)