Reviews for "The Civil War - Hotc"


ty for helping me out with my history homework. i was just slacking off from my work and then i found this so im giving u a five just because u got me at least a B with all the other info i had. TY AGAIN!!!!

Rammer responds:

yay! i helped! glad you liked it, a B?! and...um....thanks for the 5 (:

Thanks for the history lesson gramps

not too bad for a learning flash, good graphics, sound was good for flash( kind of a learning beat) and it involved cutting down mario.
Nice job

Rammer responds:

"gramps"? lol. mario = gramps

damn good!

hot diggity yee hawww!

that was awesome, funny too, not to mention quite educational, you typed revolver wrond though, it said recolver on one of them

Rammer responds:

you typed wrong wrong. i know i have a few typos, but i dont think that it should. be a big deal for most people. thanks, cowboy :P

(recovler > revolver)

So Cute

This was a great idea for the presentation of a project. I used to do civil war re-enacting and I know all about the guns. Very well researched. Good Job! Keep it up.

Rammer responds:

i love doing flash for school projects, its so different from the regular posters or powerpoints (: thanks for the review!


Farting mountains! LOL. Also, I learned a lot.

Rammer responds:

looks like someone has a very juvenile sense of humor, much like i used to :P