Reviews for "The Civil War - Hotc"

another school project

i gave this a 5 so it doesn't get blammed for your sake, but you should really find a better place to host this.

if your school has web filters, it might not allow access to newgrounds.
(i assume that you hosted it here so that you could access it from school to present?)

www,walagata,com has free hosting of any type of file, with up to a gig of space. much easier to upload files there and be sure of accessing them from school.

Rammer responds:

i do have it on my site, and yes my school does have this site blocked. ):
see, when the word "site" under my username is yellow, that means teres a link. website = hosting, hosting = flash files. i just have to publish this as a flash player 5 so i can get it up on my teachers computer...thats what it has ): thanks for the 5, though!

pretty good

it would have been better if you had the guy talk so noe one had to read anything. Full of usefull info. =) Very educational and still funny.

Rammer responds:

i wish i couldve done voice acting, as ive become quite good with lip syncing. unfortunately, i didnt have time. thanks! glad you liked it :D