Reviews for "The Civil War - Hotc"


Nice music and i like that cute voice...hahaha! Good work!

Rammer responds:

(: thanks. i recorded and altered it myself, and im proud of it! somewhat...thanks (:

I found boring...yet interesting

Okay so it was pretty funny at those points. The history lesson on weapons was pretty boring yet remotely interesting. Yeah good movie i gave it a 3.

Rammer responds:

yeah, it wouldve been worse without those funny things. sorry for boring you slightly. thanks for the 3, though

Thanks for the history lesson gramps

not too bad for a learning flash, good graphics, sound was good for flash( kind of a learning beat) and it involved cutting down mario.
Nice job

Rammer responds:

"gramps"? lol. mario = gramps


finaly, a learning cartoon thats actually worth somthing, and who are you calling loser?
(hint: Somestupidloser)

Rammer responds:

lol, no way. your not a loser (not with that overall score, anyway ;) ) and i was just kinda pissed and rushing when i wrote that, lol. thanks!

oh my goddd

i fell asleep, died in my sleep, then the turds in my intestines petrified, and i was completely mumified, then fossilized.

and still the movie wasnt over.

Rammer responds:

wow. i didnt realize 4 whole minutes was that long.

maybe you shouldnt be sitting at your desk all day eating pizza and drinking pop, then you wouldnt be so energetic and impatient.