Reviews for "The Civil War - Hotc"

Pretty good

That was cool for a class project.

Rammer responds:



pretty good especially for a school project

music got boring
too long between slides
wouldnt be a bad isea to make more flashes

Rammer responds:

thanks, sorry about the music, i think. some people read really slow so i had to make it stay there longer...it goes to slow for me as well. im currently working on two more games, each one will be too big for ng, so im gonna sell em! thanks for hte review

damn good!

hot diggity yee hawww!

that was awesome, funny too, not to mention quite educational, you typed revolver wrond though, it said recolver on one of them

Rammer responds:

you typed wrong wrong. i know i have a few typos, but i dont think that it should. be a big deal for most people. thanks, cowboy :P

(recovler > revolver)

fairly well done

i happen to be a little bit of a civil war buff, so you got a little bit higher score, but, overall, good style, repetive music, but, i assume you intended that a bit. /shrug informative, and kinda entertaining, keep up the good work!

Rammer responds:

thanks. that was the only music i found that fit this, and looped perfectly. yeah.


see learning can be fun!

Rammer responds:

ha ha, yeah! skoolboy :P too bad all of school cant be like this. id actually like going to school if it was ;)