Reviews for "The Civil War - Hotc"


Not bad. Quite educational.

Rammer responds:

no kidding.

nice for class project but this is newgrounds

too slow, I was done reading long before the bubble moved on to the next bit of info. might want to add that guns were kept from the Mexican War, thus why all the 6 shooter in Texas and not VA,

Rammer responds:

i know its slow, but a lot of people read quite slow. i read really fast so its realyl slow to me too. i was doing a project on the civil war, and i didnt find anything about the mexican war in those 4 (or so) sources.

and yes, i know this is newgrounds. it says that in a lot of areas, so i think id know that.

too educational

Come on, way too educational for newgrounds... funny in an eduactional sort of way. On par with mr rogers

Rammer responds:

live with it. you dont have to see it as educational, i guess. it shouldnt be wrong to try to educate ng with civil war guns, should it? if anything, some people on ng need to get something in their heads.


i like the small guys :D

Rammer responds:


So Cute

This was a great idea for the presentation of a project. I used to do civil war re-enacting and I know all about the guns. Very well researched. Good Job! Keep it up.

Rammer responds:

i love doing flash for school projects, its so different from the regular posters or powerpoints (: thanks for the review!