Reviews for "The Civil War - Hotc"

Educational and Funny

This flash seems like you made it for a school project. It has the education that a teacher would love and the humor that a kid would like. I didn't enjoy the education but i did enjoy the jokes.

Rammer responds:

i made it for my 8th grade social studies class.

when i presented it, no one laughed. it was the most awkward presentation of my life. ):


Farting mountains! LOL. Also, I learned a lot.

Rammer responds:

looks like someone has a very juvenile sense of humor, much like i used to :P


I thought Newgrounds supposed to fry our brains!

oh well it had humor in it so ill give it a 3 out of 5.

~nice graphics!!! =D

Rammer responds:

bwahaha, im glad to see that my assualt of subliminal messages has remained as such...subliminal.

but you didnt hear it from me o_O


awshome! ill be using this to do my handgun report ;)! (not steal it, but like watch it for imformation and notes, and continually watch it untill i get all teh imformation in notes) =))))!! i love u for making this ^_^ u get a 5 =o

Rammer responds:

yay, second person i helped!

you are welcome. i hope it gets a good grade for you (:

Pretty good

In overall it's nice, but maybe you should let some more stuff happen on the scene. When he shot that guy of the mountain. Was pretty good. Make more of that sort of things/happenings and it is more fun :D

Rammer responds:

well, just keep in mind that this is a school project, so i really was kinda pushing it with the screaming guy getting shot.

thanks for your review