Reviews for "Amusing Short ! :D"

This is awesome!

The last part near the end was a bit out of sink with the music, but meh, it was really good. I hope this gets passed, and if not, just put the last part first, since anyone who blammed this would have only watched the first 10 seconds of it. It's sad, I know. Good Job!!


O my god this total rockz as the other kid said I didnt expect that lol. The dude at the end was best LMFAO MAKE MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!1


lol that was so random i loved it, and i love that song!


You mother get down, come on, get down with the sickness! Ya fucker get down, come on get down with the sickness! You rock man, 5/5! W00T!


That was just... too good for words.