Reviews for "Amusing Short ! :D"


Graphics and sound were good.Nice,random amusing short.You have to admit it was random.


wow!!!!!!!! where do you get your songs????????????? i must know i crave information! now tell meeeeee!! plzz...

I love Lazyboy <3

I've watched every one of your cartoons like 500 times, and this ones probably my favorite. The Rand0m Death ones a close second though. Anyways, Just came to kiss some ass ^_^

z0mfg taht 0wn3d lawlz!!!11!11

I love you. You are my favorite artist. GOD I love your animations, make moer u n00b!111one lololollol

From a guy who loves Richard Cheese, you really.... like Richard Cheese, don't you?


who can slow down a metal song? honestly..but i know who.....you, man that was F****in hilarious!!!!