Reviews for "Amusing Short ! :D"

LOVED it, i couldn't have done better

refer to top. it says the main part of it.

That was sooooooooo... funny

Loved it, loved it, loved it, especially the part at the end > loved the mellow version of Disturbed song.

keep up the good work.


(shadow the hedgehog-almost dead)hilarious...i like cheesy goodness!


I Loved the Flash, but for all those idiots out there, HE DIDN'T SING IT!!! RICHARD CHEESE DID!!! Thank you.

Loved it

The ending with the jazzed up Disturbed was classic. This is going in my favourites. Ahaha that is so funny he has this massive grin and just goes "oooooh shit" "I don't need this shit, you're down with the sickness" ahaha.
Also you lip-sync well.

haha with the Disturbed bit you should have animated the part of him going "no mummy don't hit me, ahh!" that would be classic.
Oh and when the three faces come onscreen as a random interlude into randomness, I think you saved their symbols as buttons... :P