Reviews for "Amusing Short ! :D"

Despite appearances, a good flash

I'm normally wary of flashes that claim to be short and funny (because half the time, they're crap!) but this was exceptionally good for such a simple film. "Mum vs the Toilet" was a bit racy, but all the other sub-sections were brilliant. I liked the very beginning in particular! You'd get a 5, but the graphics style didn't quite match the overall theme, so I vote 4 for you. Good work!
PS: I've only heard that "Down with a Sickness" song as the Angry White Boy Polka version, and now as your jazz polka version! What does it really sound like? And who sings it?

10's cause i like it...

Down with the sickness song = fuuny

P.S. some of you may not know it but that song is in Dawn of the Dead...

It was funny keep working...


that was wicked i loved the Down with the sickness song hehe thats awsome!


Lol! teh toilet pwnz j00....


Simply put, that was one of the best things I've seen all day. And I've seen a lot of crap.