Reviews for "Amusing Short ! :D"


That was really quite funny, more so the disturbed remake, that was quite classy. keep it up


That was a little odd. But hearing the Disturbed remake at the end was cool. Never did I expect that, good job.

That was pretty good...

I liked that the graphics were... alright I guess. The style was good. Sounded fine 'cause it was mainly music. The violence 'cause the part in the begining and humor 'cause it was funny.

I kinda liked it

That was pretty good. I liked it. It's that kind of humor that makes you go,"Hm....that was good."

Eat pie.

NOt what I expected

Very random, yet each part was good in it's own sense. The animation was good. The sound quality was good. Teh voilence what there was of it could have been done a little better. I have no idea whart I watched or what it was about, but I liked it.