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Reviews for "AOSTH - Robotnik just upgraded"

Most Win Everrrr

This song gets my 10/10 and 5/5.... it just plain doesnt get any better than this song.

and on that note, BirthOfParadise (poster right below me) gets mad props for that comment:

"This is what I listen to while I rub mah pingas."

XD pure golden joke right there, thank you so much for an amazing laugh. =D

ProudOne responds:

XD Yeah, that runninjg joke is awesome, i just wonder how the censors had that pass since you really hear it stand out... "snoo pingas usual, i see!"


This is truly Epic, if it was extended i would be addicted :p
this just blows you sky high 5/5 10/10

ProudOne responds:

hahaha thanks, well, i was just looking to make a loop ;c

Oh Em Gee

Outstanding! I've never heard anyone remixing music from the cartoons before. Thanks for not raping my childhood.


Like I heard in a SMW Remix on Youtube...


I did not expect this to be so good. Totally cool!
5/5 Awesome! (I think I found my new ring tone :P)