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Reviews for "AOSTH - Robotnik just upgraded"

Why yessss...

You deserve a prrromotion!

ProudOne responds:

For this?


Simply <3

F-ing awesome, keep up the good work.

ProudOne responds:

Thank you lots. I'll try getting back to this low level then.

why the hell has robotnik so many eggs and PINGAS!

why!!!!!!!!!!!!, why so many eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegssssssssss!!!!!1111
(o.o whoops srry) im gonna youtube poop again! lol XD

ProudOne responds:

I dont know why, but i love these, too xD


Robuttnik got serious!
Great song! Didnt care that much for the Adventure cartoon very that much though.
This song certainly is not silly. Reminds me more of the Freedom Fighters Sonic cartoon! lol

ProudOne responds:

Yupp, SatAM Robotnik was REALLY evil. That voice Actor is amongs my favourites.


Snoopingas usuall Icey :D

Great track)
Reminds me of YouTube Poop Classics)

ProudOne responds:

XD Icey made me laugh.

Thanks, MAH BOI.