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Reviews for "AOSTH - Robotnik just upgraded"

SnooPING AS usual I c...

Just what we needed in this shit hole audio portal!

I thank thee so much you deserve a PRRRROMOTION!!

i love old sonic!

new sucks! PINGAS!

a disturbing lack of PINGAS!


Now that I got that out of my system, I think this the ONLY time when Adventures Robotnik could possibly be epic or badass. Had AoStH had a proper ending like SatAM I think something like this would be in the grand finale. The fact that it loops gives it a certain video game quality.

I kinda want smash a robotic chicken now.

ProudOne responds:

Hahaha thanks, well, SatAM was a lot more serious and action packed so i can see where you come from.


This is truly Epic, if it was extended i would be addicted :p
this just blows you sky high 5/5 10/10

ProudOne responds:

hahaha thanks, well, i was just looking to make a loop ;c

The front desk of Dr. Robotnik

This is a very good remix of my theme song. I would like to also add:


~Dr. Robotnik

ProudOne responds:

Thank you your evilness!