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Reviews for "AOSTH - Robotnik just upgraded"

Truly this is awesome. I want more like this.

All my STAR belong to this!

I love this remix!!! When I listen to this, I always imagine Eggman/Robotnik maniacally laughing his ass off wilst watching Sonic attempt to dodge his arsenal and Death Traps...
I feel a "Devientation" forming in my mind...
I also imagine that this song would go well over the stage: Eggman Land in Sonic Unleashed...
What do you think?

This is pretty sweet bro, 5/5 stars man, very awesome song.

Damn, that is wicked.

Ok, this sounds deliciously evil. It fits Dr. Robotnik perfectly, and gives out a feeling of a nasty plot going on. And knowing Dr. Robotnik, whatever he's got planned is going to be quite nefarious indeed. Great job. :)