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Reviews for "AOSTH - Robotnik just upgraded"

Robotnik shall destroy all those snooPING AS usual

Sorry, I had to.
Anyway, I always imagined a boss-like remix of AoSTH's Robotnik theme.
And It sounded something like this in my head(Only difference was it was a two-song medley between this and the game over song from Mean Bean Machine)
Wait, I'm rambling.
It's a good remix, and it even loops well.

ProudOne responds:

Thanks a lot m8 :D

I'll have to give you a Prrrrromotion

This is just perfect. Why there isn't more stuff like this on newgrounds or even the internet as a whole is beyond me. I'd like to see more like this one

ProudOne responds:

Thank you a lot


It sounds very strong and powerfull.
I nice to hear and it loops perfect.

ProudOne responds:


Thank you :D

Not bad.

Some of the instruments overpowered others. It was a good tune though, and it looped fairly well. Keep up the good work.

Kind regards -

ProudOne responds:

I thought the mix was good *g* well hearing is personal, so thank you lots for the positive feedback, i belive you mean the bass drum ducking probably?