Reviews for "PICONJOs Epic Adventures"

I agree, Pico is over-rated

I can't say the animation was good, but I like the sarcasam. Maybe next time you could make a decent movie (The drawing alongside the menu is nice). And please, include actual text.

You gave this entry a 0 lowering its score to 2.03

what the fuck... this is pure shit, i can't see how its got that high a score...

Now I can FINALLY draw j00

Funny shit from the Pic0nj4t3r. I honestly like most of your movies and your never ending crusade against LF <3ing n00bz. Piconj4t3r loves j00 and I vote 10-5 this m00vie.


i loved the music but you need too make the words like words buddy lol and do another animation but keep those songs


This movie kicked large ammounts of ass. I voted 8.